Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Green Meal

Day 16  

Then: 200 pounds (15 stones 10 pounds) 
Now: 207 pounds (14 stones 11 pounds) 
Lost: 13 pounds 

With the blip of Friday night's dinner party just a delicious, intoxicated, fading memory, we're back on target. 

Now I'm back at work daily after the Easter holiday break, lunchtimes are normally reduced to roast chicken on a bed of salad. Today I forgot to coordinate with Jo, so when I got home, there was more chicken - but it was a treat: 

Green Chicken and Green Beans
She'd made chicken breasts cut into small fillets, covered in fresh pesto (apparently the pecorino isn't too diet-unfriendly as it's a hard cheese) and then topped with parmesan and, less diet-friendly, a little mozzarella. This recipe came from Kalyn's Kitchen: www.kalynskitchen.com

with Green Salad
It was rather green, and so too were the green beans she made with toasted almonds, garlic and shallots, and the salad tossed in the lightest of dressings. But green is good, I can see my chin again, and various parts of my body that disappeared from view long ago.  

We celebrated with a small glass of very good red wine.

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