Friday, April 19, 2013

A new rule

Day 19  

Then: 220 pounds (15 stones 10 pounds) 
Now: 206 pounds (14 stones 10 pounds) 
Lost: 14 pounds (1 stone) 

Lunchtime today was a chicken caesar salad without the caesar dressing. I guess that made it a chicken salad. I added jalapenos for interest. Amazing what the humble chili pepper can do to liven up a dull plate. 

Then, from my favourite fishmonger I bought the freshest, deep red tuna. Jo transformed it into a fantastic supper: 

Marinated tuna with Chermoula vegetables

She marinaded the tuna in organic mirin, Japanese plum seasoning (not plum sauce - this is a salt replacement with class), chili flakes and a little chili oil - no salt or pepper.  Then Jo quickly seared the thing so it was red right through the middle. With a squeeze of lime: perfect.

The vegetables consisted of sauteed shallots, chopped courgettes, 1 chopped mild green chili, and 2 thinly sliced endive/chicory (1 red, 1 white), to which she added a new magic ingredient - a dessertspoonful of Moroccan Chermoula paste: 

This is a spicy fusion of coriander and parsley. Both unusual and delicious. Altogether a great diet meal.  

I celebrated with a glass of very good red wine. Yes, I'm in the third week - wine is back, a glass every other day.  Well, that's what I'm telling myself.  That's the joy of making up your own diet: nobody tells you what to do, so you can break your own rules - or just invent a new one:

Rule 8:  After the second week, if you've lost a stone, enjoy a glass of wine every other day.  But only if it's really good quality.

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