Thursday, April 18, 2013

6.4% of my body has disappeared!

Day 18  

Then: 220 pounds (15 stones 10 pounds) 
Now: 206 pounds (14 stones 10 pounds) 
Lost: 14 pounds (1 stone) 

In just 2 weeks I've lost 6.4% of my bodyweight. This despite several restaurant meals, two very evil dinners, and about 10 units of alcohol. And I don't feel hungry (often), or grumpy, and I haven't turned grey, unlike my pallid complexion when I was on the Dukan diet in 2010. 

But I am going to slow down the weight loss now. After losing roughly a pound a day, I'm going to add a little fruit into my diet, and some rather heavier carbs. Like oatmeal in the morning, and maybe a grapefruit at lunchtime. 

That's tomorrow, though. Today's lunch was yesterday's leftover turkey peppers. 

Tonight Jo produced another recipe she invented from an idea in Kalyn's Kitchen (she adapts because Kalyn uses processed foods like turkey sausage, and bottled sauces while we only make our own, and her food is rather bland - we like a little more sparkle to our dining): 

Hamburger frittata

Hamburger frittata. Which is basically Jo's normal frittata with added very lean minced beef (10% fat).  

She sauteed red onions while marinating the meat in Worcestershire sauce garlic powder, salt and pepper, adding about a  tablespoon of chopped jalapenos to give it bite. She browned the meat with the onions then put the mixture in a small frittata pan with the eggs and some chopped mushrooms.  After mixing it all up, she added low fat grated cheddar and popped it in an oven at 200 degrees centigrade for 12 minutes.  

She made a spicy ketchup topping with an organic low sugar ketchup mixed with spicy chili sauce, and brushed it on top during the last five minutes of cooking.  It all baked together and certainly worked - I had three portions (which is allowed -- it was virtually fat free, after all).  

Looking forward to the grapefruit tomorrow.  Or maybe porridge for breakfast?

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