Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Big Day, One Bigger Husband

Day 28

Then: 15 stone 5 lbs (215 lbs)

Now: 14 stone 8lbs (204 lbs)

Day Four of the “Hang The Diet, We’re Celebrating” event. It was Jo’s 40th birthday, so all night we drank fine wine and champagne, partied like teenagers and ate cake: lots of chocolate, calorific, completely illegal cake. And, by the morning, another pound duly appeared on the scales. I’m lucky it wasn’t a lot worse.

The day’s surprise highlights (for Jo) included:

  • Breakfast in bed,
  • Hairdresser at home,
  • Thai massage at home,
  • Fresh Sushi at home,
  • New pair of Christian Louboutins (as depicted on cake),
  • Surprise birthday party with 30 close friends, and
  • One very tipsy, heavy but happy husband.

Tonight we’re spending the evening with some great friends, Paul and Deryn, who have a music room in their house – how smart is that? Josh and Paul will be playing the drums together and I will be bashing the piano. It will take quite a lot of red wine to get me beyond the greatest hits of Andrew Lloyd Webber: but, as it’ll be my last night of freedom before hitting the diet trail again, I’ll be making the most of it.

I apologise now for the most likely outcome: the absence of a blog entry tomorrow caused by an acute hangover.
Luckily Josh is only here till Thursday morning: after that we’ll see how quickly the YouKan diet copes with the excesses of these last few days. The plan is to go straight back to protein-only for another three days and try to get back to 200 pounds by the end of the weekend. That would leave me exactly four weeks to trim down for the family portrait on the 21st August. Which is also the date of Newcastle’s first home game of the season.

Watch this space; and waistline.

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